Design, Execution, Testing and Commissioning of storm & rain water systems which consists of installation of pipes , fittings, supports, cowls and accessories.

Design, Execution, Testing and Commissioning of Drainage Systems which consists of underground piping, elbows and fittings installation along with all floor traps, clean outs, break tanks, gully traps and oil & grease interceptors.

Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Sanitary ware which include, water closets, wash basins, toilet accessories, shower trays, bath tubs, bidets, Jacuzzi, pools and water features.

Design, Execution,Testing and Commissioning of Water supply systems which includes the installation of all kinds of water tanks, pumps, water supply pipes, water heaters, solar panel water heaters, cool water systems water filtration and treatment systems, valves and fittings with the required insulation.